Thursday, May 29, 2008

In News Paper...again

I was in the news paper again yesterday Wednsday May 28, 2008. I will post a link but I dont know how long it stays posted so hopefully you guys got it in the newspaper. I am signing up to do voulenteer work over at St. Josephs and I saw one of my therapist when I stayed in the hospital. He was like my teacher for school stuff. I saw him when I was at an orientation and he wanted me to sign his newspaper so I did. It was really good seeing him, I miss my therapist. Today is when the first show of the play my stake is doing, Hello Dolly. I am sooooo tired cuz I would get home from dress rehearsal at like 11:00 and then wake up at 5:00 to go to CTN. But the show is going to be sooo good. Yesterday's dress rehearsal was really good and we did amazing. It would make me really happy if you guys went. The showings are today at 7, tomorrow at 7, and Saturday at 2 and 7. We are performing at the Deer Valley High School located at the Performing Arts Center, 51st Avenue and Union Hills and it is at NO COST. ITS FEE!!! Or you can go to our website... Hope to see you there. Here is the article in the newspaper link and I am posting a picture of me in the play

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Anonymous said...

Looks like fun. I wish I could have seen that earlier otherwise I would have gone!