Monday, May 19, 2008

WOW Pictures!!! :) :}

This is a friend I met at EFY. We are at an ASU Football game which was awesome. This is post-injury.

This is in Canada and I think this is a sweet picture. It looks like we are models. We should be hired. Pre-injury
Pre-injury, I was a snob for Halloween. I am pretty good looking though.
Graduation. This is with my friend Annie Fudge. Post-injury
My best friend Elder Lazenby IV, Annie Fugi, and me with a big smile. At seminary graduation, post-injury.

I preformed "You Are Loved" by Josh Groban, or he sings it, at EFY. I thought I didnt do so well but others think I did good. Post-injury.
EFY with my friend Kayla. Pretty crazy eh? Tried to renact what actually happend. Post-injury.
Post-injury, I would dress up for school everyday. I always had a different outfit and this day was nerd day. Kids were so excited to see what I would wear next. I was going to PVCC.
Post-injury, I forgot to tell you I am engaged. It was love at first sight.
This is my SWEET screw I got in my mouth. When it wasnt coverd I would try and unscrew it but the dentist told me not to do that. I think they use like a star wrench to screw it in. Post-injury.
Ok so this is an awesome wrestling picture! For your information I recieved first place at this tournament and this is the championship match. This kid actually pinned me the first time I saw him in the second period. I met him in the championships and I totally killed him. I later found out he was on steriods. Also to make me look even better I was weighing 162 and he was 171. :) Maybe I am cocky. Pre-injury.


Anonymous said...

awesome!!! really cool wrestling picture!

David Mackey said...

So is it ok if people left their names so I can know who is still looking. It would be nice.

Anonymous said...

when is the wedding??

David Mackey said...

It is undecided because I still have to serve a mission and who knows when I go on that. Thats not the problem though, we cant decide what colors we should have. I say orange and green but she says pink and purple.