Thursday, May 29, 2008

In News Paper...again

I was in the news paper again yesterday Wednsday May 28, 2008. I will post a link but I dont know how long it stays posted so hopefully you guys got it in the newspaper. I am signing up to do voulenteer work over at St. Josephs and I saw one of my therapist when I stayed in the hospital. He was like my teacher for school stuff. I saw him when I was at an orientation and he wanted me to sign his newspaper so I did. It was really good seeing him, I miss my therapist. Today is when the first show of the play my stake is doing, Hello Dolly. I am sooooo tired cuz I would get home from dress rehearsal at like 11:00 and then wake up at 5:00 to go to CTN. But the show is going to be sooo good. Yesterday's dress rehearsal was really good and we did amazing. It would make me really happy if you guys went. The showings are today at 7, tomorrow at 7, and Saturday at 2 and 7. We are performing at the Deer Valley High School located at the Performing Arts Center, 51st Avenue and Union Hills and it is at NO COST. ITS FEE!!! Or you can go to our website... Hope to see you there. Here is the article in the newspaper link and I am posting a picture of me in the play

Monday, May 19, 2008

WOW Pictures!!! :) :}

This is a friend I met at EFY. We are at an ASU Football game which was awesome. This is post-injury.

This is in Canada and I think this is a sweet picture. It looks like we are models. We should be hired. Pre-injury
Pre-injury, I was a snob for Halloween. I am pretty good looking though.
Graduation. This is with my friend Annie Fudge. Post-injury
My best friend Elder Lazenby IV, Annie Fugi, and me with a big smile. At seminary graduation, post-injury.

I preformed "You Are Loved" by Josh Groban, or he sings it, at EFY. I thought I didnt do so well but others think I did good. Post-injury.
EFY with my friend Kayla. Pretty crazy eh? Tried to renact what actually happend. Post-injury.
Post-injury, I would dress up for school everyday. I always had a different outfit and this day was nerd day. Kids were so excited to see what I would wear next. I was going to PVCC.
Post-injury, I forgot to tell you I am engaged. It was love at first sight.
This is my SWEET screw I got in my mouth. When it wasnt coverd I would try and unscrew it but the dentist told me not to do that. I think they use like a star wrench to screw it in. Post-injury.
Ok so this is an awesome wrestling picture! For your information I recieved first place at this tournament and this is the championship match. This kid actually pinned me the first time I saw him in the second period. I met him in the championships and I totally killed him. I later found out he was on steriods. Also to make me look even better I was weighing 162 and he was 171. :) Maybe I am cocky. Pre-injury.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The 52nd wall post

I dont really know what to call this one except that I have 52 wall post on my(hopefully I can call it mine now) blog. So on Thursday I had an interview with The Arizona Rebublic so my fame will be published again on Wensday in the North Valley section I think. The picture guy was taking a butt load of pictures of me and my mouth started to refuse to smile so there better be a good picture of me. Also I am going to need your help Katie with publishing links and what not and I dont even know where to look to find the article online. So I found a really cool picture and I probably put some more on tomorrow cuz it is really late. This picture was of a bon fire that my friends and I did. We got the fire to be like 20 feet and it was AWESOME! We had to like stand 30 feet away cuz it was so hot. So I will put more on tomorrow. Remember that I will be in the paper on Wensday.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there who read this blog! Also Happy mother's Day for my sisters who are mothers. I admire all the mothers who bring little cute adorable babies into this world! I finished taking the computer driving test's. My next step is to get clearance from my doctor who I think gets clearance from my parents. I talk to my neuro psych tomorrow with my parents so this will most likely will be the subject. They want me to go to school this August full time and I want to attend GCC. I am planning on taking College Chem, Bio 156, and probably Super Swing oh and maybe weight training. By spring of 2009 I am going to finish taking my pre-req's for nursing school and apply for August of next year. My therapist say when I start going to school I will barely be going to therapy cuz once I start driving I wont need OT, I just graduated from PT last Thursday but I still have to do at home work outs. We do a lot of group stuff and I will be graduating from Cog Group which is where they teach us about our brain injury, the steps that we go through, and a neural anatomy moduel. As for Recreational Therapy, to tell you the truth, I think that I dont need it cuz I know how to be social, how to to recreational activities, and the stuff that they are allowed to have me do are dumb. Graduation for CTN was on Thursday and one of the graduates wanted me to sing a song that he wrote the lyrics to. I had to make up the music that day but I did a good job. Then I went to my bro's grad party at the Lazenby's house and I played him Jake, ping pong and he is chinese good. So Craig Lazenby are always playin. I love ping pong! I will put pictures on here I just never take them but I will.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

New Tooth!!

I got a new tooth on Monday so I am now done with going to the dentist! YAY. I am though going to miss my dentist and his assistant. They were good to me and we became really good friends. I got my tooth pulled out in like I think August or was it July...oh I dont know, anyways, so at first it felt like I had the grand canyon in my mouth and I just kept moving my tounge around and feeling it. It bugged me a lot. Then I got use to it and I also got use to eating only on my right side. Then I got this new tooth which I think is in the way and it annoys me and I dont even use it. Although it does feel really smooth, oh and it is really white. haha I think I wasted my parents a lot of money to have this one tooth. My choir teacher Mary asked me if I wanted to preform for the night of stars this year since I didnt have the ability to attend and I think I was still in Canada. I said "oh ya" (like the coolaide guy). I preformed on Tuesday which I should have posted on here, im sorry that I didnt. I didnt sing "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do" and I didnt do "Dont Give Up." I was tired of playing the Josh Groban song but I do like it and play it but I just kept preforming it so I needed a change. So a friend suggested I sing and play a song from "The Last Five Years" musical "If I Didnt Believe In You." I got the music a week before the preformance so I was practicing like crazy learning it cuz I have never heard of it. I played the piano and sang that song and I did all right. Then I sung the "Come What May" with Anna and we did a GREAT job. I messed up a few times but it alright, I hit those high notes so I was pretty proud of myself. On Friday I didnt go to therapy, instead I went to GCC to talk with the Dissabilities Resouce Center counselor to get speacial stuff I guess. I got a lot of information and I am excited to start school. I have almost all of my pre-req's done to apply for the nursing program I just have to take Bio 156 and then 201 and I can apply. So I can apply next August. I signed up to take Bio 156 and I want to take guitar so I might sign for that too. I also took the reading placement test which I took recently after my accident and didnt do so well, haha cuz I was really impulsive and it was boring so I just started clicking answers. They said I did lower than High School but I could take it one last time when I am ready. So I took it on Friday and I was patient and read through all of the answers and I got a 97 so I did dang good. I now dont have to take Critical Reading. My last year in nursing program is going to be easy cuz I already have all my co-req's. Then my bro's and my dad and also my two nephews went to fathers and sons camp out. That was fun, we played soccer and I got my work out. Ok well, oh also I am in my stake play "Hello Dolly" and we are preforming on May 29-31 at Deer Valley High School I think at 7. I will let you know if its a different time.