Sunday, April 27, 2008


Well hello computer. I might as well have a conversation with you now since my fan club probably wont check on me anymore. I am sorry though for not really keeping you and also my fan club up to date on how I am doing. :/ I am busy with a lot of stuff but I could have written something I was just to selfish.....anywho I am going to therapy now. Yes your prayers were answered and I am now going to therapy 5 days a week, 9-10 hours a day. Well mostly 9 I just like to say 10 which only happend once and let me tell ya it was a long day. I was blessed to be accepted into Vocational Rehab which is a program that is funded by the government so they are funding for everything, therapy, school once I start going, and well just life. They are so wonderful and my counslor is and angel. She is so nice and understanding. I had to come up with a "realistic goal" for them to keep funding me so that means that it is going to be a while until I fufill my goal to become an orthopedic surgen. I decided with much prayer and fasting to do nursing. I a little scared and have fear but I will perservere! I started one online class through rio salado with the help of my therapy CTN. I still have a 100 % in the class and I have turned in a lot of papers. I feel bad though because my speech therapist mostly wrote all the ones before but now she is having me write them. I would help though but I have to give her all the credit. About driving....who knows. Its mostly is in the hands of my parents instead of my doctors which it is too. They can not give me clearance until my parents say it is ok or something like that. I am taking test on the computer. I took the first one and I was easy, it was for old people. I started on my second one, which I havent done in a while, and this one is really hard. There is soo much to driving! I have made a ton of friends who are all miracles. I need some ideas to do for recreational therapy cuz I pick some dumb ones and then they make me do them until I finish. Craig Lazenby and I are dang good bowlers. We are thinking about starting up a league team but we need two more people. We still are not sure because it has to work around Craigs scheduale and mine. Oh and Craig and I might start up a woodworking buissness so if you know of anyone who need someone to build them dressers and night stands or even cabinites, tell them about our buissness. Dont make them any promises though cuz I dont know if we are going to do it. I will have built a jewlery box so if you know of anyone who wants to buy it give me a call.