Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mission Status!

I met with my VR (Vocational Rehabilitation) counselor yesterday. I have a meeting with her every month. Well three weeks ago my neuropsychologist brought asked about my mission out of the blue. I said that I really want to go but I have to wait. She asked how long and I said 4-5 years. That is depressing I think. She stated that I am putting my whole life (meaning the love part) on hold until I have served a mission and that I would have gone if I did not have this accident. I agreed with her and it made me really sad and anxious. She then said that I could go. I asked about VR, what will happen with them? We (the family) thought that if I am "inactive" in this program, they would drop me. My neuropsyc said that maybe they will hold my funding. So yesterday was the meeting to ask Cady what would happen with my VR plan if I were to leave on a mission at the end of the school year this year? She was very understandable and considerate. She said that if my therapist and doctors say that I am ready to go then it is fine that I go. I probably will not get the funding to go to therapy anymore which is ok cuz I am almost done but my education funding will still be there for me. Just when I leave on my mission they will put my file in the inactive department until I get back. I can send in my papers Feb. 1, 2008!!! I am soo excited!! My life is coming back...and then I can get married. :)