Monday, August 18, 2008

A Bit of An Update

I havent put the pictures from the trek that I was a part of on the computer. When I do I will post and tell you all about the wonderful experience I had. I did have a great experience and I loved being a part of the trek. So I have been pretty busy with therapy. I started volunteering at St. Joseph's Hospital and I am loving it! Since I am working to become a nurse they got me a position where I can closely watch what nurse's do. I am learning a lot and I have seen some of the bad part of nursing and I am not scared. I am so excited to become a nurse. I do a bunch of work at the hospital. I file a bunch because the huck hates doing it so she leaves it for me to do and sometimes I get a huge pile of papers to file. Oh i go 4 days a week. A total of 18 hours a week. I clean machines and find them and make sure they are on the unit, I have transported patients before, I clean the soild utility rooms, I have interviewed patients to obtain their history which is pretty fun, I helped feed a patient once, I get supply's, answer the phone, call people, stock paper, and a bunch of other activities that I do. Its a load of fun tho. I get to see doctors and what they do and they are really funny. I start school on the 25th at Phoenix College. I am way excited because I am moving on with my life and I do not have to go to therapy as much. I am taking Biology 156, Chemistry 130 with the labs, and Weight Training. After these classes I have only one more class I will be needing, Biology 201, before I can apply for the nursing school at a community college. I have pretty much all of my co-req's done for nursing school except Biology 202 which I probably will get done when I am on the waiting list. Man I have made leaps and bounds since my accident. I am improving so much and I am getting better everyday and learning also. I do still have some difficulties but I am either getting better or figuring out how to compensate for those difficulties. I also have some more exciting news to tell but I am not sure if it will happen just yet so I will say it when I really know for sure.