Sunday, June 08, 2008

Wonderful Performance!!

Sorry this is late but I got it done. So the play was awesome!! It was soo fun and it was a memerable experience. I wish I had done it before my accident. Anyways, so I was only in the chorus and there were a ton of little kids there. When we were not on stage we were in the dance room playing around. There was this really cute girl (age 6) that I would always hang out with and tease. Then there was this other girl who I taught how to swing dance and I mean I was doing these pretty sweet moves and like ton of other little girls came over and wanted to learn. So I was teaching all the little girls all these moves and they were like lined up for a carnival ride. It was so fun and the girls loved it! I signed up to do volunteer work at St. Joseph's Hospital. I OT got me a great job that will help me view other nurses and maybe even do what they do and even at its worst. Im pretty excited about that, I start on Tuesday. I took my Psychology final yesterday, I hope I did an ok job. My teacher does not read my papers. I will submit a paper, I will later read it and find so many mistakes, and he gives me a 100% on all of my papers. I start school in August at Phoenix College taking Bio 156 and Chem 130, plus weight training. I am really excited about this, I have to take those classes then Bio 201 and then I can apply for nursing school! This Wednsday I am going to Havisuppi and going to have blast. Then the week after that I was given the opportunity to baptize my nephew so I am really excited about that. I will take pictures so I hope you guys are excited.

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Anonymous said...

that sounds like so much fun!!! I am really glad you enjoyed yourself, sounds like you were the hit of the whole musical!