Sunday, June 29, 2008

2nd Trip: Utah/ Idaho

We went on a trip to Utah and Idaho for a week and a half. Let me tell ya, I have low tolerance for that long and I was aching to go back to therapy, kinda weird. I had the oppertunity to baptize my nephew. It was a really great experience and I was really happy for my nephew that he wanted to be baptized.
We drove up to Utah and it took forever but good thing i-pods were invented. We first went to my cousin Shawn's house and slept there and visited for the next morning. We then travled to my sister Stacey's house and slept there for one night then travled to Idaho to visit my Uncle and Aunt Mike and Cathleen. We went to there mutual activity which was speed dating and all of them wanted to know why I was not on my mission yet so I would tell them I fell 30 feet and landed on my head. Then they wanted to know the whole story. After like the fourth girl I was getting tired of telling it because it took up the whole time. So I had them promise me not to ask. Before my dad told us to find a date for tomorrow. I thought he was joking but it didnt matter. I asked this beautiful girl and my two younger brothers and my cousin, or well I had to ask for my cousin, asked girls. We played at the park and then watched a really cheesy movie but over all it was a great date.
Friday we went camping and I met this really awesome family! Their Uncle had a brain injury too so they knew like everything about me. There were two little girls and two boys who wrestled. The little girls were the cutest expecially the youngest. They taught me some really fun games and it was just fun hanging out with them. Then we went to the dance on Saturday in which I won the dance contest because I have some sweet dancin skills. One kid played the guitar and I asked them if I could play the piano and sing but they said no we have to hear it and then next time. I told them I lived in Arizona but they said no and its final. They were missin out.
Our last stop we visited my Uncle and Aunt Garth and Debbie. I love visiting them. I spent the night with my brother Adam at my cousin Mike's house and it was so fun. He has a precious family. He took us to his work, he builds cow farm stuff I dont know what you call them. We saw a dairy farm and he showed us around and it was really interesting and also smelly. Then we went to the river/lake and I went on the toob and the first time it was really dumb becuase they did not want me to get hurt. The second time was fun, we were jumping and falling out. Then I tried wakeboarding but it was the oppisite footing so I could not get up. The trip was great seeing my family but I really wanted to get back to therapy like I said before. I am excited for the trek. This is my last vacation I am going to take and then it is serious talk from here on out.


Anonymous said...

wow, i have always wanted to try wakeboarding, but i am too scared, glad u are doing well

Mary Segall said...

David, they should have let you play piano and sing. They were certainly missing out and I'm not just saying that because I'm your former choir/piano teacher! Sounds like you have had some great experiences, but it's always nice to get back home and follow your goals and dreams. Talk to you soon.
Ms. Mary Segall