Sunday, June 15, 2008

1st Trip: Havasupai

On Wednsday the teacher's and priest of my ward went to Havasupai for the super activity. It has been my second time going to Havasupai. It was a blast! I could not do what I was able to do before but it was still awesome. I did not take very many pictures because I was afraid of getting my camera wet. I brought my digital camera that I paid for myself so I do not desire to buy a new one although I think it is time for it. Anywho, on Wednsday we left at 12:00 and got there at some time, I do not know I was not paying attention, but I think it was maybe 5:00. We hiked till it was dark and camped on the trail. I stayed with my dad the whole time, which was in the back...very far back, because my therapist told me to and I was only allowed to carry 20 pounds in my pack. It never happend, I think I carried like 30-35 pounds. Oh well though, I'm still alive. :) We slept under this over hang and all the kids (which were 11 others and I forgot to say but I was also one of the adult leaders but I was not really just on paper) took all of the space to sleep. So I found a rock that was the right length of my body and was semi flat. So I set up there and I had my helmet on just in case I rolled off while I slept. I stayed on the whole night and it was actually really comfortable.We finally got to the camping place and it was crowded. There was this good spot but then these other muchacho's decided to take up two camp sites and we had a brawl of words. We negotiated the problem down to spliting the campsite in half and two picnic tables. The first waterfall we swam at was Havasu Falls. Swam behind it and I dove off which probably was not good to do. First it was really tiring to get over there and then back. When I got back to shore I was really off balance for like a minute. I can not do the same stuff I was able to do before my accident. :( Jumped off some other places near Havasu and played around there for like an hour or two, it was fun. The water was cold but really refreshing. By our campsite we had two rope swings we played with a lot the whole time we were there. So we played with those for the rest of the day and trying to hook it up with girls. There was actually a bunch of mormons there, probably the majority was mormon. Then next day we went to Moony and it was scary going down to the waterfall, those who have been know what I am talking about. There was really nothing to do except Beaver is farther down but it was too far to walk for a waterfall. I tried swimming to the wall by the waterfall but my shoe was coming off and there was a lot of waves that made it hard to see and it was really tiring so I swam back to the rock island next to it. Then we went to Navajo and I jumped off twice and then my dad got mad that we were jumping off there because it was too dangerous, so we were not allowed to do it anymore. Some of us guys talked to a group of girls there but they were not interested in me or at least the girl my age.
We hiked out on Saturday and my dad and 8 other boys got mules to carry out there packs. I had to carry mine out but it was ok because it weighed nothing. The group of girls we talked to were so lucky because they knew the helicopter pilot so they all got flown out of there. The switch backs were the hardest but I made it. I actually went down back down once like a quarter of the way to give one of our leaders a bottle of water then a second time about half the way to help out my dad and three others. On the way home we were starving when we started out but the closest resturant (an hour and a half away) was too busy so we went another hour and a half or two to the next good place. We had to listen to the techno station (thats all we could get) to keep our minds off of food. Overall, I loved the trip. I want to go back because it was fun and I have a great tan. One of the leaders had a really funny shirt and actually I would love to have one like it. Hope you all of a laugh.

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